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Energy Drinks and Alcohol Still a Risky Mix

In the wake of regulatory threats against the makers of alcoholic energy drinks, some are calling for further scrutiny of nonalcoholic energy drinks promoted as mixers for alcohol.  Last year, after the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission told the four biggest manufacturers of alcoholic energy drinks the caffeine in their beverages was… Continue Reading

CoFed Crusades for Campus Food Co-ops

After working to block a fast-food franchise from opening on the University of California Berkeley campus, students opened their own cooperative market-cafe last year. The Berkeley Student Food Collective has in turn spawned the Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive, or CoFed, which now is working to train student leaders nationwide to set up similar cooperatively run… Continue Reading

Can Energy Drinks Be a Gateway to Addictions?

People who start drinking the soft drinks known as “energy” beverages early in life may be more prone to anxiety, depression, and addictive behavior later on, some research suggests. Dr. Conrad Woolsey, an assistant professor of applied health and educational psychology at Oklahoma State University, has written several scholarly articles and lectured extensively on energy… Continue Reading

Bees May Be Bellwether of Food Supply Challenges

Empty honey bee hives that set the media abuzz in 2006 were attributed to everything from cell phones to pesticides, but researchers now say many things interacting with each other are contributing to the decline. “It’s not a single mystery thing that’s causing problems,” said Marion Ellis, professor of  entomology at the University of Nebraska…. Continue Reading