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Chuck Jolley

Chuck Jolley

Chuck Jolley is president of Jolley & Associates, a marketing and public relations firm that concentrates on the food industry. He’s also president of the Meat Industry Hall of Fame, honoring the legendary figures of the business. He graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in broadcast journalism and was publisher of the leading business-to-business magazine serving the meat and poultry industry. He’s a frequent contributor of articles about agriculture and the meat and poultry industry to business-to-business magazines and web-based publications.

Articles Written by Chuck Jolley

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International School for Food Protection: 21st Century’s Food Industry Classroom?


The newly opened International School for Food Protection (ISFP) was developed to provide an environment different from traditional professional adult learning experiences. A spokesman said, “The School management team recognizes that experienced food professionals are generally well-versed in their core scientific knowledge, academic education and work experiences. We want to build on their working food… Continue Reading

Watch a 1-Hour Webinar on Lean Finely Textured Beef

Over the last 2 years, Food Seminars International has produced over 100 online “webinars” on food safety and related fields.  FSI often teams up with the Food Processing Suppliers Association to produce their webinars and the speakers are some of the top people in the business.   FSI and FPSA has announced a free 1-hour… Continue Reading

Why USDA is Extending Public Comment on Its Proposal to Modernize Poultry Slaughter

ABC’s Jim Avila, the man who so adroitly ended the expected shelf life of lean, finely textured beef when failed TV chef Jamie Oliver and an award-winning but factually flawed ‘expose’ by the New York Times didn’t make much of a dent, took a swing at the USDA’s proposal to modernize poultry slaughter on a… Continue Reading

Manipulated Public Opinion Trumps Real Science – Again


The very recent attacks on Beef Products Inc. by groups of well-intentioned but seriously misguided foodies is more proof that good science is too often trumped by manipulated public opinion. For those of you who don’t know the company, BPI produces a boneless lean beef product from trim that is usually lost. Its primary uses… Continue Reading

Test and Hold: A New Meat Safety Paradigm

A recent Bill Marler blog said “Mary Clare Jalonick of AP reports on the Vilsack/Hagen briefing that the Obama administration is aiming to prevent meat recalls by withholding meat and poultry products from grocery store shelves until government testing is complete.” The Agriculture Department proposed rules Tuesday that would force companies to delay shipments to… Continue Reading