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It’s here, get used to it

Social media can make or break a food company; it's all in the details and what's done with them

CHICAGO — A billion people can’t be wrong, right? As it turns out, when it comes to food safety it doesn’t matter if they’re wrong. Once a product is associated with foodborne illnesses on social media sites it’s like striking a match in a straw house. Negative posts, shares, and retweets can burn a brand… Continue Reading

What are they doing when nobody is watching?

Food Safety Summit panel offers tips on developing food safety culture and corporate support for it

CHICAGO — Put a bunch of company safety professionals in a room and you’ll hear theories, facts and hopes. Invariably the discussions boil down to two main challenges. Building a food safety culture across all levels of an operation and getting CEO’s to literally buy into changes that cost money up front are the challenges… Continue Reading

Produce group says FDA won’t let it help with E. coli search

United Fresh VP 'mystified' by FDA process; federal investigators say they still need information

Eight weeks after the first person became sick, government inspectors still haven’t been able to pinpoint who grew and distributed pre-chopped romaine lettuce associated with a deadly and ongoing E. coli outbreak. Some in the fresh produce industry are blaming the Food and Drug Administration for the delay, saying the government hasn’t taken advantage of… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania officials urge consumers to discard raw milk

Consumers who have unpasteurized, raw milk from Pool Forge Dairy should immediately throw it out and monitor themselves and their children for symptoms of Listeria infection for the next 70 days. Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture posted the warning Monday because routine tests by the department showed the milk to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.  “Consumers… Continue Reading

One dead in E. coli outbreak; source of romaine still a mystery

One person has died in the E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce. There are now 121 confirmed cases across 25 states. Investigators continue to look for the source of the implicated romaine, as well as how it became contaminated. In the past week, public health officials confirmed 23 new cases and added three more… Continue Reading

California reports 100 ill in outbreak traced to raw oysters

A norovirus outbreak traced to raw oysters from British Columbia has crossed the Canadian border, and U.S. officials say an unusual strain of the virus is involved. About 100 people in California have reported becoming sick with symptoms of norovirus after eating raw oysters from British Columbia, according to the California Department of Public Health…. Continue Reading

E. coli outbreak growing; source of romaine remains unknown

One field linked to 8 illnesses; industry records complicate search for source of 90 other illnesses

Almost 100 people have been infected in an outbreak involving romaine lettuce, and more cases are expected. Federal officials said today they have identified one grower’s romaine as the source of eight of the infections, but a tangled web of supply chain records has significantly slowed their investigation into the other illnesses. The ongoing outbreak… Continue Reading