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B.M. Hargis and Douglas Fulnechek

B.M. Hargis and Douglas Fulnechek

B.M. Hargis, DVM, PhD, Professor and Director of JKS Poultry Health Laboratory at University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.

Douglas Fulnechek, DVM, president of the National Association of Federal Veterinarians and a Public Health Veterinarian at FSIS.

Articles Written by B.M. Hargis and Douglas Fulnechek

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USDA’s Poultry-Inspection System Needs to Be Modernized


In an effort to continue progress toward reducing foodborne illnesses, we believe the poultry inspection system should be modernized to transition to a model that is more science- and risk-based. One of the unrivaled achievements in the American experience is the success of our nation’s farms in providing food and political stability. This success enables… Continue Reading