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Andy Weisbecker

Andy Weisbecker

Andy Weisbecker graduated from the University of Washington Law School in 1980 and clerked for two Washington Superior Court judges before he began practicing commercial and tort litigation in Seattle in 1983. Andy is one of the founding partners of Marler Clark, and has been involved in the litigation and resolution of claims brought on behalf of persons injured in food product liability incidents and foodborne illness outbreaks since the firm’s formation in 1998. His law practice is focused on the representation of minor children, and on the presentation and resolution of their personal injury claims.

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Making School Food Healthier

Some kids have already started attending classes, and most will be back in school after Labor Day.  Many parents may justifiably be wondering about recent efforts to improve the quality of the food served to their children in these schools. According to an Institute of Medicine Report released in October 2009, school-age children eat too… Continue Reading

Few Healthy Food Choices in Urban Food Deserts

Residents of urban food deserts, typically low income neighborhoods, have to deal with limited healthy food choices, in addition to perhaps more obvious disadvantages of life there.  A food desert is generally defined as a location where residents have to travel twice as far to get to the nearest supermarket as their peers in wealthier… Continue Reading

Local Health Departments Hit Hard by Budget Woes

Despite their vital role in the nation’s public health system, state and local health departments have been hit hard by the recession and related budget cuts.  Three recent studies provide evidence that the public health system is under severe and increasing pressure, as state and local health departments are asked to take on more responsibilities… Continue Reading

More or Less Food Safety Regulation?

During the past weeks, a few news stories have highlighted the distinctions between two different legislative approaches to address the issue of food safety.  There is little question that the public is becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the safety and quality of food.  The impetus is accordingly growing across the country to get the… Continue Reading