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Association of Public Health Laboratories

Association of Public Health Laboratories

The APHL works to promote the role of public health laboratories in shaping national and global health objectives, and to promote policies, programs and technologies that assure continuous improvement in the quality of laboratory practice and health outcomes.

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Success Stories: A Colorado Cantaloupe Saga

Cantaloupe is valued for its sweet, juicy flesh, an excellent source of vitamin C. In the state of Colorado, the melon is big business, with more than 2,000 acres under cantaloupe cultivation and an annual crop worth nearly $8 million. Hugh Maguire, PhD, a senior microbiologist with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment… Continue Reading

Barf Humbug! Holiday Cookies, Latkes and Everyday Safe Egg Handling

Ah, the holidays … whatever holiday it is that you celebrate (or just the holiday called “Quiet Time in the Office”), I think it is safe to assume that your holiday is overflowing with deliciousness. Friends hosting parties; family gathering for dinners; coworkers bringing treats to share. Whether sweet or savory, this time of year… Continue Reading


Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family and friends, enjoy the fall harvest, and to stuff our faces full of delicious food.  No matter your specific traditions, I’m certain the stuffing-of-faces is common across all Thanksgiving tables. I must confess, I’ve never prepared a full Thanksgiving meal although I have contributed dishes.  When I cook… Continue Reading