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Crawfish? Crayfish? Mud bugs? Call Them Anything But Lobster

It wasn’t New York City inspectors nor the Food and Drug Administration that found that the nation’s best-known deli was selling lobster salad without the lobster, but a reporter from Cajun country. I’m not the only one who has traveled hundreds of miles to get to Zabar’s, the Manhattan Mecca for all deli lovers. The… Continue Reading

Potluck: Everyman’s Gumbo

It’s become a tradition at Food Safety News to take a break on major holidays by hosting a virtual potluck or picnic, held entirely online for our far-flung staff.   So we’re celebrating Independence Day 2011 by once again sharing our dishes – Mary’s farmers’ market veg dip, Cookson’s garden-fresh potato salad, Suzanne’s Aunt Sandy’s spinach and… Continue Reading

Many Eager to Use Nano in Food, But Few Admit It

NEW ORLEANS — More than 15,000 food scientists, chefs, recipe developers and purveyors of spices, flavorings and additives met here last week to examine the newest innovations in the cook’s pot and on grocery shelves.   Nanoparticles, which could revolutionize steps all along the path from the farm to the table, were discussed openly and… Continue Reading

Shark Fin Soup: War of Culture, Politics, Business

A cultural war, environmental nightmare and multi-million dollar business  Editor’s Note:  This is a special report for Food Safety News by Andrew Schneider, thefoodwatchdog.com When environmental concern for the survival of a species butts heads with food traditions centuries old, there can be no doubt the battle will be contentious.  When it comes to shark… Continue Reading