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Berkeley Center Wants Schools to Rethink Lunch

Each year 5.5 billion lunches and 2 billion breakfasts are served in schools in the United States, and The Center for Ecoliteracy sees each one of them as an opportunity to improve childhood nutrition. The Berkeley, CA-based center, a nonprofit dedicated to education for sustainable living, has proposed an endeavor called “Rethinking School Lunch,” 10 ways (or pathways,… Continue Reading

Improving Information Technology for Food Safety

Better use of information technology might help minimize the next big foodborne illness outbreak, says Daniel Castro of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF). Writing in the foundation’s newsletter, Castro says IT innovations could help public health officials identify and trace outbreaks more quickly. “For example, if a nationwide system of interoperable electronic health… Continue Reading

Punitive Damages Added to Salmonella Egg Lawsuits

Information brought to light during hearings before the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce has led to punitive damages being added to lawsuits against Quality Egg/Wright County of Iowa. The amended lawsuits were filed Monday by Marler Clark and Wandro, Baer, and McCarthy. “At the hearings in Washington it became clear that the DeCoster… Continue Reading

Irish Child Sickened by Intravenous Supplement

Five years after suffering brain damage from an intravenous food supplement prepared with too much magnesium, an Irish child died of complications due to pneumonia. Elaine Barrett, from Galway, was born prematurely in 2003.  At less than six weeks old, while still in the hospital, she was given a special food supplement.  According to the Irish… Continue Reading

NY County Gets Funds for Processing Local Meat

In an effort to support local farms and meet the demand for locally raised meat, the federal government has awarded an $800,000 grant toward the construction of a slaughterhouse in Liberty, NY, Meatingplace reported. Construction of the new $1.7 million, 5,000-square foot Southern Catskills Red Meat Processing Facility is expected to begin next spring. “This… Continue Reading

Study: Consumers Are Inconsistent on Food Safety

A recent phone survey of 1,000 Americans not only found that some people are doing too little when it comes to food safety, but also that some are actually doing too much.  NSF International, an independent public health and safety non-profit, says its survey reveals Americans are uncertain about some basic food handling and meal… Continue Reading