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Steven Grossman

Steven Grossman

Steven Grossman is a Maryland-based regulatory consultant who serves as the deputy executive director of the Alliance for a Stronger FDA, which has two goals: To assure that the Food and Drug Administration has sufficient resources to protect patients and consumers; and to maintain public confidence and trust in the FDA. The alliance has the support of three former Secretaries of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and six former FDA Commissioners, who act as honorary co-chairs.

Articles Written by Steven Grossman

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Trump’s budget — Does FDA get a 9% increase or 31% cut?


Alliance for a Stronger FDA

Editor’s note: This was originally published May 26, 2017, on the website of the Alliance for a Stronger FDA. The alliance is committed to an ongoing, multi-year effort with two specific goals — to assure that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has sufficient resources to protect patients and consumers, and to maintain public confidence and trust in… Continue Reading

More money for military defense means less for food defense



Editor’s note: This column includes information from an “Advocacy at a Glance” posting by the Alliance for a Stronger FDA and analysis and commentary by Steven Grossman, deputy executive director of the alliance, both republished here with permission. President Donald Trump is proposing shifting $54 billion from domestic to defense programs in fiscal year 2018,… Continue Reading

‘Turkey Day’ and an Expression of Gratitude



(This commentary by Steven Grossman, deputy executive director of the Alliance for a Stronger FDA, originally appeared in the Alliance’s Friday Update of Nov. 21, 2014, and is reposted here with permission.) Thanksgiving is a traditional time to focus on the good things for which we are grateful. FDA is near the top of my… Continue Reading