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Andy Frame

Andy Frame

Andy Frame is the 2012-13 Marler Clark Graduate Assistant, a position awarded each year to a candidate from the University of Arkansas’s Agriculture and Food Law L.L.M. program.  Frame earned his J.D. from Mississippi College School of Law and a journalism degree from Auburn University.  His professional experience includes a judicial internship with The Honorable David Chandler of the Mississippi Supreme Court, a law clerk position with Randall Segrest in Jackson, MS and a legal internship with the Office of Indigent Appeals in Jackson, MS.

Articles Written by Andy Frame

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Improving Meat Traceability in the U.S.

A look at tracing meat through the supply chain

Without necessarily knowing the term “traceability,” consumers have been calling for it in their food system for a long time.  The evidence of that comes from the food industry itself, with its increased emphasis on where food came from. Many companies now highlight certain locations or farmers in brand names, commercials, or through packaging and… Continue Reading

Digging Into the FDA’s Proposed Rules for Produce

Food Safety News examines the potential impact of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s newly proposed produce rules, mandated by the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011. Part of the Food Safety Modernization Act, which has the goal of reducing the incidence of foodborne illness in the U.S., is an update to requirements for produce… Continue Reading

Peanut Corp. Hearings: What Happens Now?

Four years after a Salmonella outbreak was processed, packaged, and delivered to customers around the country, the Department of Justice charged five Peanut Corporation of America executives and employees with an array of federal crimes, but with a criminal justice system that presumes innocence — and with the potential for a long trial ahead —… Continue Reading

Catfish Industry Flounders Despite Congressional Support

Earlier this month Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran sent a letter to Rebecca Blank, the acting secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce, asking that the Department “vigorously enforce the antidumping order against frozen fish fillets from Vietnam.” The fish Cochran is concerned about is catfish, and his concerns are not new.  Every year for more… Continue Reading

Policy Changes in the Wake of the Jack in the Box E. coli Outbreak

In 1993, 623 people in the western U.S. fell ill with a little-known bacteria called E. coli O157:H7. Ultimately, four children would die from their infections; many others suffered long-term medical complications. The bug was later traced to undercooked hamburger served at Jack in the Box restaurants. This outbreak thrust foodborne illness onto the national stage… Continue Reading

Food Ingredients: Many Routes to Safety Approval

The Nutrition Facts label can be the conscious consumer’s best friend, but it often leaves shoppers more confused than informed. It may be comforting for someone to find a list of common and easily recognized ingredients on the label. For instance, Triscuits crackers were named and marketed for only including three ingredients: whole wheat, oil,… Continue Reading

Foodborne Illness Investigations: What Does the Public Have a Right to Know?

It seems safe to assume that most consumers want to know if the restaurant they’re about to eat at or the food they’re about to buy was recently the source of a foodborne illness outbreak. What’s less certain, however, is whether the government wants them to know this information. Deciding when to release public health… Continue Reading

Court Rulings Halt Production at Food Supplement Companies

FDA announced this week that two food supplement companies have recently halted production in response to claims and court orders. Truman J. Berst, doing business as Alternative Health and Herbs Remedies, was ordered on Sept. 20, 2012, by permanent injunction in an Oregon Federal District Court, to stop selling its herbal supplement products, which were… Continue Reading