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Alliance for Food and Farming

Alliance for Food and Farming

The Alliance for Food and Farming is a non-profit organization formed in 1989. Its membership includes approximately 50 agriculture associations, commodity groups and individual grower/ shippers who represent farms of all sizes and includes conventional and organic production. The mission of the Alliance for Food and Farming is to deliver credible information to consumers about the safety of fruits and vegetables.

All activities of the Alliance for Food and Farming are funded by voluntary contributions from members. Membership in the Alliance for Food and Farming is open to organizations whose members are farmers of fruits and vegetables, or companies who grow, sell, market or ship fruits and vegetables. Members of these organizations who themselves grow; sell, market or ship fruits and vegetables are also eligible to become members. Membership or contributions cannot be accepted from organizations or companies that do not meet these criteria.


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Fear-based safety messages may be hurting poorest consumers

New peer reviewed research published in Nutrition Today shows fear-based messaging tactics used by activist groups and some organic marketers that invoke safety concerns about non-organic produce may be having a negative impact on consumption of fruits and veggies among low-income consumers. Researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s (IIT) Center for Nutrition Research surveyed… Continue Reading

The evolution of organic messaging moves away from fear


Editor’s note: This opinion piece was originally posted July 18, 2016, by the Alliance for Food and Farming. At the inaugural Organic Produce Summit in Monterey on July 14, we witnessed a messaging evolution happening among the strongest organic advocates. This messaging moves away from disparaging non-organic products and mirrors the main message of the Alliance… Continue Reading