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Adam Soliman

Adam Soliman

Adam is an agricultural economist, attorney, and researcher focused on legal and economic issues in the Agriculture, Resource and Food sectors.  Adam started his career at an early age in the agribusiness sector, working for a family operation spanning from farming to processing, storing, and exporting food products in the Middle East. He then returned to school, pursuing graduate studies in agricultural economics as well as law, focusing on Agriculture and Food Law. His education spans several countries, from Egypt, Canada, U.S., and Hong Kong. Adam has built up a strong research portfolio and published in several prominent scientific publications. He also writes for several influential news agencies.

Articles Written by Adam Soliman

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Can Social Media Enhance Food Safety?


Consider the following hypothetical scenario: Working together, a public health authority, a health management organization and some major food processors have set up a non-profit food safety monitoring center. This center has created a website that invites members of the public to report possible food-related illnesses, and has widely distributed a free smartphone app for… Continue Reading

Do Nanomaterials Pose Health Risks? What Science Has to Say


Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) have great potential to benefit animal and human health. But there are uncertainties surrounding the long-term effects of applying ENMs to food and pharmaceutical products consumed by humans and animals. Therefore, in a previous article, I suggested that more regulations should be applied to ENMs in our food system. I believe that… Continue Reading

Halal: More Than a Niche

Meat from ritual slaughter consumed by over 1.5 billion daily


Thanks to increased trade in food and farm products, and the growth of Muslim communities in traditionally non-Muslim regions like northern Europe and the US, many non-Muslims are now aware of halal as a distinct food category, with its own dietary rules. Some have recognized the potential of halal as a market opportunity. This interest… Continue Reading

The Need for Stronger Nanotechnology Regulation


Nanotechnology is an innovative science involving the design and application of small-sized particles measuring one hundred nanometers or less. (An average human hair measures 80.000 nanometers in diameter) (1). Most nanomaterials are derived from conventional chemicals. Their miniscule size and large surface area help to enhance their mechanical, electrical, optical and catalytic features. Thus, nanotechnology… Continue Reading