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Raw Milk Bill Dies in Iowa

Iowa’s raw milk bill will not be making it any further through the state legislature this year, the Des Moines Register reports.

Iowa is one of 14 states that ban all sales of unpasteurized milk. State Rep. Jason Schultz (R-Schleswig) had introduced a bill to lift that ban, but he announced on Tuesday that there would not be enough support in the legislature for it to pass.

Schultz’s conclusion comes a day after lawmakers heard testimony from public health officials and a California mother who recounted how her seven-year-old son almost died from E. coli bacteria he contracted from drinking raw milk.

Schultz told the Register that, while he’s not a regular drinker of raw milk, he considers the right to drink it an issue of freedom and liberty.

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  • Karen G Lyke

    ‘been living in farm country for a long time and I still haven’t soybean plants, nor almond trees, nor rice with mammary glands, not sure how juices from those plants get to be called milk.

  • j

    Yeah great, drink the almond milk with vitamin a palmitate or the rice milk that’s loaded with sugar and the the soy which has been discovered to cause too much estrogen.

    • Samantha

      I agree

  • j

    Schultz should look into everything else that people have died of ecoli then ban all those products right? Apparantly Schultz is pretty clueless and knows nothing of the matter. Ill just continue now with my bowl of cereal with healthy raw milk. I guess leaders want a communist country in the future.

  • j

    I think banning cigarettes would be more appropriate Also, newsflash- how many billions of people have been drinking milk around you. Does a cow eat another cow? Well the CAFO’s try to do this to their feed,but generally they don’t eat each other, humans do eat cow, I suppose we shouldn’t do that too? Maybe they should ban that?

  • j

    Also, basing the passing a law on lawmakers hearing “testimony”? The people of Foodsafety news always laugh and mock people with raw milk “testimony” saying much better it is for you than pasturized milk. Add all those up compared to those minute adverse events and you would have a far stronger testimony for it. Just like spinach lunch meat bla bla bla but even less than those adverse events.

  • j

    Ban cars too because they are unhealthy? More deaths. In fact ban all pharmacuticals as they have compared as dangerous.

  • j

    Oh wait, don’t forget about eggs. Your for a ban of those two right? Why isn’t Shultz banning eggs? 3 people have just recently died from eggs.