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Foster Farms Again Halts Operations at Troubled CA Plant

Foster Farms is voluntarily halting operations at its troubled plant in Livingston, CA, according to a news release from the company.

Operations at the plant were originally shut down by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Jan. 8 for a cockroach infestation. Before that, the plant was one of three tied to an ongoing Salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 416 people in 23 states.

The company says it is temporarily closing the plant down again to further expand its “manufacturing procedures and monitoring systems.”

The plant currently has no date set to re-open but is planned to be closed for several days.

The company says that no products, packaging or lines were affected by the reasoning for the closure.

No Foster Farms chicken has been recalled despite the Salmonella outbreak and pest infestation.

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  • John Munsell

    At the very least, I commend Foster Farms for unilaterally making the decision to temporarily close, to “expand its systems”. Since FSIS withdrew inspection last week due to cockroaches, and the plant was recently implicated for salmonella-laced meat, the plant must implement corrective actions to prevent recurrences, which is HACCP terminology for “expanding its manufacturing procedures and monitoring systems”. I’m only guessing that subsequent to FF’s sanitizing the plant and taking additional measures in recent days, some problems were still present. If this is the case, FF is indeed taking appropriate measures to resolve the problems. John Munsell

    • Ray

      You sound as if you believe they care about food quality. If they did, they wouldn’t have had these problems in the first place. This is more likely just a liability shield to show they have taken “corrective measures”.

      • DD

        Maybe Ralph’s markets said hey! We don’t want to buy foster farms anymore for our simple truth label, unless u clean up the roaches. Ralph’s markets simple truth label has many wondering, where does this come from? Now u know where your Ralph’s chicken comes from, an egregiously filthy and disgusting company…maybe that’s part of the reason cornucopia gives Ralph’s Kroger products a one out of a possible 5………Not! Simple truth is Ralph’s Kroger products have bigger problems than that. Just a simple truth.

  • Barb3000

    I don’t buy chicken from this company. There are chicken plants in Oregon and Washington states that supplies most of the local supermarkets . I buy store brand that has stamped on it Washington or Oregon product. I think its the management that is the problem in this plant. Change managers and put somebody in there that knows what they are doing.

    • DD

      Hire people that care. Problem solved. Ralph’s markets just relabels foster farms chicken to their new label ” Simple Truth”. Yep that’s Ralph’s krogers new brand name. See ya Ralph’s!