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Scientists Find Meth-Like Chemical in ‘Craze’ Bodybuilding Supplement

Late Monday, you could still buy the body-building diet supplement Craze online from Amazon in candy grape, berry lemonade and piña colada flavors, but it was “currently unavailable” at Driven Sports, Inc., the company that markets the product.

Earlier in the day, an international panel of scientists disclosed that one of the ingredients in the dietary supplement peddled to body builders is a chemical compound similar to the illegal drug methamphetamine.

The substance – not disclosed on the label – is called N,alphadiethylphenylethylamine or N,a-DEPEA.

It has never been the subject of studies with humans and was probably created by a “criminal chemist” only about three years ago.

Driven Sports, Inc., markets Craze to body builders who want to train “BEYOND YOUR LIMITS” and by promising “endless energy.”

Writing in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis, researchers from the global public health organization NSF International, the Harvard Medical School, and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands said that Craze contains a meth-like chemical that may be harmful to human health. Craze is widely sold online and in retail stores.

“The health risk of using supplements adulterated with a drug should not be underestimated,” said Dr. Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor at Harvard who has conducted extensive research on supplements.

The researchers tested Craze samples from three different suppliers, finding the meth-like chemical in all of them in amounts ranging from 20 to 35 milligrams per the recommended serving size for the supplement. Such a dose represents more than might be blamed on contamination in the manufacturing process.

Driven Sports did issue a statement saying that Craze does not contain any illegal stimulants. Manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements are not required to obtain U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval before putting a product on the market. Craze won BodyBuilding.com’s new supplement of the year award for 2012.

FDA did not comment on the report.

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  • dudemandude

    Define “similar to Meth” and why it “may be” bad for you. Similar in function? Similarly detrimental to health? Similarly addictive? Similar in chrmical form, but not necessarily function? How similar?

    The drug in question appears to either be a pro-drug for phenylethylamine (a natural chemical in your body) or some other structure to enhance phenylethylamine’s bioavailability. Look up the role of phenylethylamine in the human brain.

    It was “probably” created by a “criminal scientist”? How is making unscheduled substances illegal? Also, the number of mushy words here is approaching pure meaninglessness.

    • Emily Nelson

      Don’t know much about biology, do you? Drugs that have not been studied have absolutely no business in any product that human beings consume. The supplement industry has been getting away with this crap for years, all because consumers are too dumb to understand that they are NOT getting what they pay for.

      • GrassRootZz

        Your comment had nothing to do with biology…at all. People use chemicals in products that aren’t FDA approved on a massive scale. We’re discovering new ways even well known chemicals react with our bodies continuously. However, this chemical IS relatively well studied, and research shows that as it gets broken down and metabolized in the body it produces an isomer of amphetamine (medication to treat ADHD). So, the truth is…calling the substance similar to METH is misleading, but the supplement should obviously be reformulated.

  • mymickey

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    • Drake

      get a real job



  • JB07328

    Fear mongering, nothing but fear mongering. Please Uncle Sam tell me what I can and can’t ingest because I am certainly not responsible enough to decide for myself!