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Third Horse-Slaughter Company Added to Restraining Order

Rains Natural Meats in Gallatin, MO, was to have begun processing horsemeat for export today, but instead finds itself added to a temporary restraining order issued by a federal judge in New Mexico. This means USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) must “suspend or withhold the provision of horse meat inspection services to Rains Natural Meats until Oct. 4, 2013.”

FSIS is enjoined from “dispatching inspectors to the horse slaughterhouse facility operated by Rains” until further order by the court.

Rains joins Valley Meat Co. of Roswell, NM, and Responsible Transportation of Sigourney, IA, as would-be horse slaughterhouses now pinned down by a federal lawsuit brought against USDA by multiple horse rescue and animal welfare groups, led by the Humane Society of the United States.

The plaintiffs claim USDA is required to conduct certain environmental and administrative reviews before equine inspection services can resume in the U.S.

The government and the groups have agreed to fast-track arguments before U.S. District Court Judge M. Christina Armijo in Albuquerque, with a trial court ruling coming as early as mid-October. Rains is late to the party, having met all the statutory and regulatory steps to require USDA to provide equine inspection services only after the court case began.

In her order, Judge Armijo referred the Rains matter to federal Magistrate Robert H. Scott, who will decide whether her order should be extended after Oct. 4 and whether an injunction bond will be necessary from the plaintiffs to cover the inclusion of Rains in the case.

Department of Justice attorneys representing USDA told the court last week that Rains was about to receive equine inspection services and the plaintiffs asked that the company be brought under the restraining order.

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  • jmark

    30,000 and counting, abandoned horses wasting away in “rescue” farms. why can’t we eat them?

    • dk

      For one thing, jmark, they are poisonous. They have been given drugs that are not fit for human consumption. For another thing, eating a horse is just wrong.

    • Barbara Leonard

      Whereever did you get that number from? Out of your a**, I’ll bet. Have you not heard about what’s been happening in Europe with beef being contaminated with horsemeat, donkey meat, rat meat, dog meat? Do you want that here? BTW, whatever number of horses are at rescue farms, they are definitely not wasting away. And we spend money every day to save more because of irresponsible owners, same as with dogs & cats. I wonder if the people in this world will ever again be responsible and have some moral fiber.

    • Kelly Blevins

      You can and hopefully you get a hold of one full of drugs and we have one less moron who is uneducated about what he sticks in his mouth. I guess you are going to be a sure shot for chicken imported from China as well. I find it amusing that Americans dont realize that the meat produced in its country is banned in 160 nations and its produce is not far behind. See Jmark is one of the uneducated people consuming the meat. Eat it if you want to be brain dead like him.

  • Curt

    Rains Natural Meats had been stopped from operating by a court order from a local Judge to halt the Missouri Department of Natural Resources from issuing a permit for waste water disposal. RMN wanted to dump thousands of gallons of tainted waste water on open land 1 mile from the Grand River. They found a way to circumvent this order by saying that they would truck solid waste to Des Moines, Iowa and have the liquid trucked to the local waste water treatment plant. Until they were stopped by being added to the HSUS/FRER lawsuit in NM. The document to allow this treatment plant, which can handle a maximum load of 300,000 gallons a day (they are already using 230,000 gal. per day) stated that the plant could handle up to 30 million gallons a day!
    Someone made an “ERROR” and used the statistics of Gallatin, Tennessee water treatment plant! The slaughtering of horses can use up to 1,200 gallons of water per animal. They would have soon overwhelmed the small Gallatin, Missouri plant.
    I think we should consider the fact that they are added to an environmental NEPA lawsuit as fortunate or they would have destroyed the environment of Northern Missouri. Why is it that all of the plants that want to open as horse slaughter plants have problems and try to “sneak by” regulations and laws. Mtn Grove had an issue on ownership of the buildings and funds of the local industrial park. Rockville had legal problems by not paying their refrigeration vendor or paying full price for the beef they were buying and I don’t even want to mention R De Los Santos in NM. and all of his violations. We do not need horse slaughter in the US. And I don’t want my tax dollars to go for inspection of meat that is to be consumed over seas (The USDA says $400,000 per plant) This would come at the expensive and resources to be used for inspection of meat for consumption in this country.

  • dk

    I hope that this plant in Gallatin never opens.

    Horses being shipped for slaughter are not required to have health certificates. This means all types of diseases could enter our state.

    Furthermore, there are over 100 equine drugs that we (the collective horse owners) give our horses that make them unfit for human consumption. The USDA has no business getting mixed up in this!

    Also, I would be worried about horse thieves stealing my horses for slaughter since we no longer allow hangings for horse thieves.

    Finally, slaughter houses want the healthy horses and never the old or sick horses. They want horses that could be used to benefit the community to help veterans and children in therapy programs.

  • JanWindsong

    This is very good news. Signs that a reasonable society are alive and well.

  • Barbara Leonard

    We have already thrown Sue Wallis and her lies out of MO twice and we’ll do it again in Gallatin. It should be noted that USDA was either very stupid or very sneaky when they approved a permit for Gallatin MO seeing as they based their decision on the sewage system of Gallatin TENNESSEE, not Gallatin MO. Gallatin TN has population of 30,000…..Gallatin MO has population of under 2,000. Big difference in sewage systems. If you’d like to be informed about sewage systems in cities in US that have already had a slaughter plant, please see the disgusting facts about what happened to Kaufman TX……www.kaufmanzoning.net

  • Shane

    to jmark several answers, some serious, some sarcastic 1) to protect you from ingesting substances deemed hazardous to human health as horses are not raised for food and are given shots of substances not meant for human consumption; 2) are you just straining at the bit to eat abandoned horses are you a monster like Dr. Hannibal Lecter ? “Gosh I wish I could put all those unwanted human beings living on the street to some good use by turning them into Soylent Green” 3) where is your documented proof that there are 30,000 horses “wasting away” on

    rescue farms ? show me the photographic proof 4) I hope you don’t usually show your compassion for abandoned dogs cats and people by a desire to eat them in order to put them out of their misery. That’s a strange notion of compassion ! Jesus fed the hungry multitudes. He didn’t say: those poor people must be hungry, so let’s eat them ! You horse slaughter shills are beyond sociopathy and don’t even know it !

  • Janna Lukens

    I hope they ban horse slaughter soon. There’s nothing good about it. It’s BAD for taxpayers, BAD for those who eat the drug-laden meat, BAD for the community, BAD for the environment, BAD for tourism/businesses, and especially BAD for horses. Why not find something else that will help the community of Gallatin – not cause so much harm to the environment, stink up the town, and ruin its reputation? It makes me cringe that thousands of healthy, young horses might die because driving a school bus isn’t “good enough” for one selfish man. Americans don’t eat horsemeat.

  • crookedstick

    Rains was about to unleash a rush of waste-water on the sewage system of Gallatin Mo. The people of Missouri need to be informed. They need to know what happened to Kaufman TX. where a horse slaughter plant nearly bankrupted the town leaving them with an un-paid environmental disaster. They need to know of the cruelty inflicted upon the horses as they are trucked day and night through their town. They deserve to know that Rains threatens their streams and rivers. They should DEMAND A PUBLIC HEARING, as is scheduled in NM, where 450 people made public comments. They need to know there is a Japanese Mega-company involved in this lawsuit.

  • Janna Lukens

    Ignorance is bliss.

  • Shane

    Some Missouri mules decided to organize to get rid of Slaughterhouse Sue in case their human allies should fail. “Well, I kicked her fat behind out of Mountain Grove but she turned up in Bates County,” one reported. “I kicked her clear back into Recluse, Wyoming,” a second mule said, “but she not only was not put in jail but was re-elected! Need I say more about political corruption ?”
    “Well”, a third mule suggested, “then let’s kick her into outer space, she can’t do much harm orbiting the earth, telling lies to herself.” “That won’t work”, a wise jenny pointed out.”She might block out the sun.” “Alright, then, let’s hope the Devil will take pity on us and keep her out of Missouri.”
    At that point, Satan himself appeared in his usual puff of smoke. “No way !” he said. “You’ll have to help yourselves on this one. Technically, you must have a soul first to be eternally damned. Also, I wouldn’t take her if she did. Even I have my standards !”

  • Vicki Tobin

    Exactly, Sandy. And we would not go into those countries and expect them to slaughter cows because we eat beef. And likewise, the countries that eat horse meat have no right to expect us to slaughter our horses.
    No, it’s not the shot that makes them tainted; it is the medications they receive throughout their lifetime. I would suggest you read the EU, CFIA and FDA food safety regs and view the list of banned medications. One dose of any of the medications listed and they are prohibited from entering the food chain.There are numerous medications routinely given to US horses that are banned in food animals. US horses are NOT raised as food animals and should never enter the food chain. Since horses are not regulated as food animals, there are no medical histories or any tracking mechanism to remove ineligible horses from the food chain. Unlike livestock, horses frequently have multiple owners and without medical histories, there is no way to guarantee they are safe for consumption.

  • Calico

    Thank goodness someone has been able to hire the right lawyers and get the right judge to hear this case. Americans by far don’t want our riding horses butchered. As as horse owner myself, I can tell you slaughter is nothing but BAD for the horse industry. It fuels theft, since they’re not required to check ownership or theft reports when selling to the processing plant. Imagine how easy it is to take a horse out of a field for a quick $200 cash, and nobody is getting prosecuted because the “evidence” is cut into little pieces and in a container to go to Belgium. It fuels overbreeding. The puppy-mills of the horse world dump their used up breeding stock and breeding rejects there rather than breed responsibly. And it makes it so much harder to get consistent abuse laws written & enforced when all a person has to say is he’s “shipping the horse to slaughter tomorrow”. Nobody does anything because a “meat” horse has less legal protection, because the evidence will be gone in a few days, and because some people mistakenly think then the abuse stops when the horse is shipped. Some of the worse abuse I’ve personally become aware of is at these slaughter brokers lots: no vet care, absolutely no pain medications, no special diets, no protecting weak horses from aggressive ones, etc. These are not cows, folks! They’re not bred to be physically or temperament wise to stand up to the rigors of feedlots, long shipment times, or cooperating to be killed easily.

    And all that said, it’s bad for the towns (look at the mess it made in Kaufman TX), bad for taxpayers, bad for workers, and bad for consumers. From a food safety standpoint, it’s a nightmare: horses with no eartag or id number, no drug administration record, no way to trace infectious disease, etc. And as a horse owner I can tell you a long list of drugs we regularly give our riding horses that make them illegal to be slaughtered for human consumption. I don’t mean a 30 or 60 day withdrawal time — I mean some of these drugs are so toxic to humans there is NO safe withdrawal time and it’s clearly marked in big letter “do NOT use in animals intended for food”.

  • Brenda Tyrrell

    It isn’t necessary for you to believe it for it to be true. The fact that horses in the US are not raised or regulated as food animals and are routinely given drugs, chemicals and treatments that are permanently banned substances in food animals is enough reason not to slaughter them for human consumption.

  • Joshua Williams

    There is nothing wrong with it if you like your horses and make a living selling them u would be for it all I see on here is why we shouldn’t do it there’s no reason why we should all is going to do is help the horse market we got so many bad horses out there right now so many cripples so many blind and so many skinny horses because nobody can afford to feed them and you can’t buy them because we already have horses so wanna let the horses are suffering but need to go to slaughter go and stop all this nonsense about why we shouldn’t why it hurts our community because it don’t all it does is hope the horse market out if you guys don’t see that you’re blinded by taking your pets going to get slaughtered horses are good will not get slaughtered horses are bad need to go to slaughter will go as far as the Bronx the crippled the 1i horse that ain’t no good for nothing outlaws call you guys want to do is bad mouth a guy that’s trying to help the horse community out he doesn’t see the big picture and not I think about yourself

    • Curt

      I have NEVER seen a sentence that long! Can’t understand a thing it says.Punctuation is important. Anyway,

      Slaughter is a profit driven industry motivated by a demand for horsemeat, and has nothing to do with the numbers of excess or unwanted horses. Slaughter actually encourages over breeding and adds to the problem of horses in need. The USDA has confirmed more that 92.3% of horses that end up at slaughter are healthy; they are not unwanted, neglected or abused. Horses are in need right now because of the economy and, in fact, slaughter is still available which further proves that lack of slaughter does not result in excess or unwanted horses. Just the opposite!

    • Brandy Amaya

      well joshua there wouldn’t be so many horses with all those problems if there were more responsible horse owners, and if you can’t afford to take care of an animal then you have NO business getting one in the first place!

  • Joshua Williams

    all I see on here this is why we should not slaughter horses there is not one thing on here that says what the benefits will be if you’re a horseman and have horses or a part of the horse community you’d be happy and grateful to have this all it will do is increase the prices and get rid of all the bad horses out running around and horses that have bad legs and have bad eyes that r no good for the community of horses if you go to sale right now you do not see big fat good looking horses you see skinny horses crippled horses horses that people are just trying to get rid of and give away because there’s no place to put them and u see skinny in starving horses all over because people are just turning then out and can’t afford to feed them there’s too many horses right now in the United States because there’s no slaughter

  • Laureen Godin

    Wow Sandy, you are just nasty. I guess it does not matter to you what an animal goes through just so you can be fed. Millions of animals are killed per day around the world to feed the almighty, important human being. This is extremely disturbing and wrong on so many levels. You really need to open your eyes and see how those pretty wrapped packages in the grocery store got there. We are very selfish creatures who need to be put in our place.

  • winter rose

    if you were going through something terrible you would want somebody who cares to help you well the horses need our help!…..i think thats just crule to be killing horses as well as any animal!

  • Carla Jean Page

    judge armijo was paid off to vacate the ban!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!