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Multi-state Listeria Outbreak Prompts Cheese Recall

Soft, Brie-style cheese manufactured by Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics is already responsible for one death from Listeriosis and it has infected four others in Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

One of the cases was a pregnant woman who miscarried due to the illness.

Two older adults in Minnesota were hospitalized for Listeriosis, and it was one of them that died. The state’s Health and Agriculture departments are investigating. They’ve found early testing results indicate the presence of Listeria in cheese samples, and are awaiting confirmation.

Crave Brothers Farmstead Classic in Wisconsin is the target of the investigation that includes the state officials and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All sickened were infected with the same strain of Listeria. Crave Brothers has also recalled the following cheese products:

  • Les Freres (LF225 2/2.5#) with a make date of 7-1-13 or prior, packaged in white plastic with a green and gold label.
  • Petit Frere (PF88 8/8 oz.) with a make date of 7-1-13 or prior, packaged in small round wooden boxes.
  • Petit Frere with Truffles (PF88T 8/8 oz.) with a make date of 7-1-13 or prior, packaged in small round wooden boxes.

Minnesota health officials have warned consumers not to eat the products and the Agriculture Department has asked grocery stores and distributors to remove them shelves and cease deliveries.

According to FDA, the ill people range in age from 31 to 67 years of age and were confirmed for Listeriosis between May 20 and June 17. Listeriosis primarily affects older adults, pregnant women, newborns and adults with compromised immune systems. Symptoms begin with fever and muscle aches and advance to stiff necks, confusion and loss of balance.

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  • FoodSleuth

    Were these raw milk cheeses?

  • J T

    No, the milk was pasteurized. The cheese itself is a soft variety that pregnant women are supposed to avoid, specifically because of the listeria risk. That woman, likely many others, had a “it wont happen to me” mentality that proved to be catastrophic.

    • Idesin

      Doing a bit of research. Do you have a citation for that, or was it just on the farms website?

  • Kerry

    The milk used to produce these cheeses was pasteurized. The citation is on FDA recall website which has copies of the product label.

    • Idesin

      Much thanks!