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Cyclospora Outbreak Sickens 26 in Nebraska and Iowa

At least 26 people in Nebraska and Iowa have fallen ill with infections of the parasite Cyclospora in recent days, according to Omaha.com.

Health officials are still investigating the source of the disease, which is contracted through contaminated food or water. Physicians have been advised to test people experiencing diarrhea for the parasite.

Cyclospora outbreaks have commonly been linked to fresh produce in the past, especially berries. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is rarely infectious from person to person.

The Nebraska cases have occurred primarily in the eastern part of the state, while the Iowa cases are largely from central and eastern Iowa.

Other symptoms of Cyclospora infection include fatigue, nausea, abdominal cramping and fever.

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  • am

    It is a horrible feeling to have this thing so get tested if you start having symptoms. I’ve had symptoms for going on four weeks now and am still waiting to find out.

  • Husn_a

    Wash the produce in ice cold water and dry with a paper towel before consumption 🙂

  • Nell

    I was diagnosed with cyclospora a week ago and I live in N. Florida. It is terrible…. had all the
    symptoms….fatigue, watery diarreah, bloating, stomach pains. Lost 11 pounds in 5 weeks till
    until last week when I started on Sulfa drugs. Much better now. Health dept did call me with
    questions… hope they find the connection.

    • jm

      Can I ask where in N Florida? The CDC says 23 cases in the state, but no mention of where and the Florida Dept of Health website does not even mention any cases of cyclospora.

  • Ugg

    7 days of experiencing all of these symptoms. I just thought I got sick. This is the worst I have ever felt in my life.

  • Kirra Astraflare

    Im only 21 they did blood tests, fecal counts, ultra sounds on my gallbladder and on the 12 of Aug im expecting a colonoscopy……I eat salad for 2 months clear up until my server stomach aches now im thinking, due to timing this is what I have…currently I have diarrhea that’s mucusy and seedy from Ohio and my doctors been testing me for 3 weeks I hope he finds something soon I cant bare the pain.