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Salmonella Ground Beef Outbreak Hits 18

An additional two people have fallen ill in a Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak linked to ground beef from Jouni Meats, Inc., and Gab Halal Foods, bringing the total case count to 18 people across 5 states. Seven patients have been hospitalized.

The number ill by state is now as follows:

Arizona (1), Iowa (1), Illinois (2), Michigan (9) and Wisconsin (5).

Information on this outbreak was last updated on Jan. 25, after Jouni Meats recalled 500 pounds of ground beef on Jan. 24 and Gab Halal Foods recalled an additional 550 pounds the following day.

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  • johnmunsell

    Jouni Meats and Gab Halal Foods both purchased their meat from a common source supplier.  I’m still waiting for word from FSIS regarding who the one source is.

    John Munsell

    • I’m not sure where that will lead you John…FSIS doesn’t react to Salmonella like they do E. coli because Salmonella is not yet a declared adulterant. Were these retail plants or were they operating under FSIS inspection? My recollection is that they are retail exempt, and their regulatory authority and oversight is significantly different. Feel free to call or email me if you want to talk more about that.

      • johnmunsell

        Hi Greg:  You are right, the two markets are retail exempt, not inspected.  The reason I bring this up is that since E.coli & Salmonella are both “enteric” bacteria, meaning emanating from animals’ intestines, the Salmonella Typhimurium in all likelihood were introduced at the sole source originating slaughter plant.  I suggest that FSIS, if it is truly focused on public health, needs to expeditiously conduct an investigation at the one source plant, and commence a sizeable number of salmonella lab tests at the source plant.  To do otherwise constitues an official agency endorsement/authorization for abattoirs to ship Salmonella into commerce, although the bug sickens many, kills some.

        John Munsell