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Hunt’s Tomato Sauce Recalled for Can Defect

Nebraska-based ConAgra Foods, Inc. is voluntarily recalling lots of 8-ounce Hunt’s Tomato Sauce and Hunt’s Tomato Sauce No Salt Added that were packaged in cans with defective inner linings. The company reports there is not a food safety concern associated with the product.

The defect in the lining may cause cans to swell and spurt sauce when opened.

The product was shipped to retail locations and distributors in AZ, CA, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA and WY.

Affected products bear the following best-by dates:

Hunt’s Tomato Sauce (8-ounce cans):

  • JUL 23 2014
  • JUL 24 2014
  • AUG 29 2014
  • AUG 30 2014
  • OCT 08 2014

Hunt’s Tomato Sauce No Salt Added (8-ounce cans):

  • JUL 23 2014
  • AUG 29 2014
  • OCT 07 2014
  • OCT 08 2014
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  • Swell and spurt…huh.

  • This morning we discovered that a 29 oz can of Hunt’s Tomato Sauce “exploded” in our pantry.  The can appears to have spewed out sauce from the seam on the side of the can.  
    Not sure if this is another can problem or a can of botulism.

  • husna

    Mr Cropper- Anytime a can is swollen, one can expect microbial spoilage (usually butyric anaerobes in the case of canned tomatoes). In the case of a swollen can that is leaking, one can expect the botulinum toxin .

  • RussHays

    Aren’t the cans produced by a second source? The Con Agra facility in Oakdale, Ca. gets its cans from a can company a mile away. I think it is Silgan Containers.

  • Leah Archer

    Sorry to complain but these tomatoes were to be peeled but they were not.
    They also had bad spots in them Had to check every tomato in the can. I caned tomatoes that turned out better than these. I’m just to old to can my own tomatoes anymore. I hope you will check your cans of tomatoes better from now on.