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Bill Marler on List of 50 Most Powerful People in Food

According to Besha Rodell of the LA Weekly Blog, The Daily Meal recently released its list of the 50 most powerful people in food.  Rodell writes:

[T]he people, as they say, “decide what and how you eat, whether you realize it or not.” And while the list has its fair share of celebrity chefs — the Wolfgang Pucks, the Anthony Bourdains — there are also a lot of folks on the list that wield their power from a less visible vantage point.

Food Safety News publisher Bill Marler came in at number 48 on the list.

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  • Interesting. I can agree about Bill Marler, and some of the people. Others, though, were a confusing choice. 

    Specifically, to single out PETA but not HSUS doesn’t any sense at all–it’s HSUS that’s been targeted by the farm bureaus because of its successes related to hens and pigs. 

    Most of the food safety people I follow weren’t on the list, yet every single chefs who are more about their brand than food, are. 

  • Steven Horton

    Sir you deserve your ranking – what you are producing here is a powerful tool

  • lsasman

    congratulations – well deserved

  • Brad Sullivan

    Michael Pollan beat you – that’s just wrong!

  • Brad Sullivan

    Michael Pollan and chefs?  Nah.