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Thanksgiving Season Left Martha Stewart with Salmonella Infection

Celebrity chef Martha Stewart came down with a Salmonella infection in late November, reported the New York Post this week.

Stewart was forced to cancel a number of post-Thanksgiving engagements due to her illness.

“It really hit me hard and I was in bed for days. It was terrible,” she told the Post.

While the source of her illness remains unclear, Stewart said the bacteria likely came from one of the many turkeys she handled over the Thanksgiving season.

“I was on the ‘Today’ show, I did a number of other [Thanksgiving] appearances,” said the chef.

The star did say there was one thing to be thankful for after her illness.

“I lost some weight though,” she told the Post.

Stewart has since recovered and, according to her Twitter page, was able to enjoy a Southern-style meal at a Miami restaurant Thursday evening.

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  • mjv64

    Hey Martha, don’t blame on the Turkeys, how about wah your hands after you handleing them.

  • Garbo99

    Maybe now she could be an active promoter of good food and hand hygiene. Rarely do T.V. chefs or cooks show handwashing techniques or talk about this. They could play a big part in educating consumers-actions speak louder than words!

  • Hey Martha, don’t blame the Turkeys, how about you help fight the industrial animal mills that are responsible for creating widespread antibiotic-resistant pathogens with their atrocious growing conditions.

  • Hey Martha, don’t blame the Turkeys, how about you help fight the corporate industrial animal mills that are directly causing the creation and wide-scale dissemination of highly virulent antibiotic-resistant pathogens with their atrocious breeding/growing conditions.

  • Ben Mark

    Don’t deliver contaminated food! This new blame game is rediculous! We are NOT scratching with bare hand our poop off and handle clean food! Filthy from field to our kitchen including the contaminated shopping carts and conveyour belts on check out counters. Those poor people they have to touch the contaminated stuff all day long on the check out counter! I wash my hand and eat the contaminated lettuce – what is it good for!?! Go in the store and look at the filthy containers where our food is in it we have to buy! Bird shit and dog piss all over the place. I make sure I wash my hands before I even touch anything when I come home from shopping. I spray Colloidal Silver to make sure I kill a the free delivered bacterias etc., soak me meat and everthing in Collodial Silver water to beat the filthy industry! STOP TELLING US CONSUMERS to wash our hands, better check the food before it leaves your places to make sure we don’t get sick or tell us consumers how to get rid of the poison you deliver with the food!

    • mjv64

      Consumer education is one big part of the food safety that is missing. We are not living in a sterilized world, gems are everywhere. They are on our skin, in our guts, in the soil, in the air…  If you eat meat, don’t be surprised that there are many bacteria on the meat. How about vegetables? They grow on or even in the soil. Now, how many consumers have a thermometer in their refrigirator? How many consumers check their meat temperature use a meat thermometer? (how many even have one meat thermometer?)
      No body force you eat the food from industry, you don’t like it, don’t buy it, grow your own!