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Salmonella Outbreak in Southwest Alberta “Running Rampant”

An outbreak of Salmonella is “running rampant” in the province, the Alberta Health Services (AHS) is warning.

An area of rural southwestern Alberta has recorded more than 30 Salmonella cases since Dec. 13 in the outbreak health officials say is being spread by household contacts.

In addition to AHS, Environmental Public Health, Health Canada First Nations, and Inuit Health are assisting in the investigation.

The officials are circulating a health advisory that warns of symptoms of the infection that includes dehydration, diarrhea that may contain blood, abdominal cramps, fever, vomiting and nausea — all of which may show six to 72 hours after infection and can last for several weeks.

Area residents are urged to wash their hands, fresh fruit and vegetables and surfaces used in food preparation to avoid infection.

The investigation to find out the root cause of the Salmonella outbreak continues, agency spokesmen say. Most cases are from rural areas, making locating its origin more difficult.

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  • Joe Mandelman

    We never had these problems in my youth, I am now 64 years of age, clearly we are on the wrong path in procuring our food  . If we care at all for the upcoming generation some serious though is mandatory as to our sources from overseas and homegrown food is to be investigated, Rooftop  green house and hydroponics are options

  • Lori Frioult

    South Western Alberta covers A LOT of area, can we be more specific please?!