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Contaminated Tahini Stolen, May Be On Market

Tony’s Imports and Exports of Clovis, California issued a warning to consumers of its Al-Rabih Tahineh sesame paste today when it announced that 141 pails of the product were stolen from its warehouse.

A company press release stated that the pails of Al-Rabih Tahineh were stolen from its warehouse in June.  They were being stored in the warehouse while the company awaited U.S. Food and Drug Administration supervision of the products’ destruction due to ptoential Salmonella contamination.

A press release posted on the FDA website stated that the tahineh is sold in white plastic pails with a label that reads:

“AL-RABIH Tahineh, 100% Sesame, net weight 40 lb. (18 kg)”. The Tahineh is a product of Lebanon. Above the label, the following information is provided: “Imported by Tony Khorozian, Tony’s Imports & Exports, Tel S.S.F. 650-872- 6534, Fresno: 415 412- 1985 Best Before February 2014”.

The Tahineh is a product of Lebanon.

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  • Robert30

    Buy only Tahani made in the US.  The best is found in So. California.  Make your own and you know it is good and what is in it.
    Don’t trust the products coming from the middle east as a lot of it is contaminated.

  • It was “stolen,” meaning they sold it for cash at a discounted price, and then simply filed a police report claiming that it mysteriously disappeared.