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16 E. Coli Cases Linked to XL Foods Beef

Canadian public health officials announced this week that 16 E. coli cases from 4 provinces have been traced to the consumption of beef produced by XL Foods.  A Quebec resident who became ill with An E. coli infection is the latest to be counted.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, E. coli cases associated with the consumption of XL Foods have been reported in Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and British Columbia.  One of the cases reported in British Columbia was a visitor, not a Canadian citizen.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) also announced that tests conducted on carcasses from the XL Foods plant returned negative for E. coli and that the agency was reviewing its observations of deboning and cutting activities, E. coli controls, meat hygiene, sampling techniques, and overall sanitation in the plant.    CFIA also announced that it had learned there will be a change in management at XL Foods Establishment 38.

To address public concerns regarding inspection at the XL Foods plant, the agency stated:  “The CFIA would like to remind everyone that the plant will not be allowed to reopen unless the Agency is confident that food safety controls are being implemented effectively and consistently. When the plant is allowed to reopen, it will resume normal operations under enhanced CFIA oversight, which will continue for as long as the CFIA deems necessary.”

XL Foods recalled nearly a million pounds of beef products from its Establishment 38 in September.  Some of that ground beef was shipped to the U.S.




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  • Sun

    Gee! How are we suppose to believe any word that comes out of the (CFIA,s) mouth, especially RITZ!? Ongoing, burying XL Meat!
     – Read – http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2012/10/20/pol-the-house-essay-nothing-silly-about-tainted-beef.html

  • Susanrudnicki

    Most probably do not know that the slaughter houses for horses were
    recently shut down for 2 days because of inadequately inspected
    horsemeat.  Turns out it was some kind of labeling impropriety, and not
    related to the egregious fact that the horses are virtually ALL coming
    from sources like racetracks and domestic ownership where banned drugs
    have been given.    Canada and Mexico remain the sole purveyors of this
    illegal drug-laced meat for sale to Europe and Asia.   CFIA claims it
    has no tolerance for horse meat with drug residues, but 90% of the
    young, healthy horses it is accepting in its slaughter plants have been
    given wormers, pain medications, and steroids BANNED for use in food
    animals—-drugs with NO allowable withdrawal period.   CFIA is also
    guilty of jamming in small wooden crates and shipping live horses by air
    to Japan for the purpose of making drug-laced shashimi  —this is done
    under cover of night, for obvious reasons.     The CFIA is a
    irresponsible, reckless “food inspection” agency operating wherever
    profit is to be had for slaughter